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Covid Testing In South Williamson, KY

COVID is an ongoing health crisis, affecting our elderly and immunocompromised in alarming numbers. While a majority of people survive the infection, they could wind up hospitalized, and many experience long-term complications. For this reason, you may want to get your kids tested to protect the vulnerable. Plus, the school may require it if your little one was exposed. Either way, at  The Clinic of Dr. Ahsen Ali, MD, serving South Williamson, KY, and the nearby region, The Clinic is offering testing. Here's what you should know.

General Information

COVID is a viral respiratory infection that causes symptoms ranging from a sore throat and headaches to breathing distress and pneumonia, among others. The virus spreads when people breathe out droplets containing the viral particles. Then, other people can breathe those in contact.

Although the research is constantly changing, a person tends to be most contagious two days before the onset of symptoms and three days after the symptoms arise. That's why it's important to get tested if he or she has been exposed to the virus. 

What to Expect During Testing

The test is relatively quick and straightforward. And we can get results for you within minutes, alleviating the worry or isolating for no reason. You may receive either a nasal or throat swab. This allows our doctor to take a sample of the virus, particularly where it's hiding in most abundance in a majority of cases.

Our practitioner will then have the sample analyzed. If the test is a polymerase chain reaction test, also known as a PCR test, they look for pieces of the virus' RNA in the sample. They can test for all the current variants. 

You could also receive an antigen test. It uses a nasal or throat swab as well. These are rapid tests to find active infections. It specifically looks for the nucleocapsid protein antigen of the virus.

At  The Clinic of Dr. Ahsen Ali, MD serving South Williamson, KY, offers COVID testing. If you have symptoms or have been exposed, stop by for testing. Book an appointment by calling (606) 237-4800.

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